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Little Bum Baby Products Soothing Balm

My son and I are both very scent sensitive so its hard to find skin and laundry products that work for both of us. I love the soothing balm and wool dryer balls. The soothing balm worked wonders on our chapped hands. My towels have never been so fluffy, thanks to the dryer balls. Keep up the great work little baby bum!

- Lindsay Sanderson


Little Bum Baby Products Sleepy Time Massage Oil

I bought a few different products at a trade show from Little Bum Baby Products. I haven't had a chance to try them all, but so far am loving the Sleepy Time Oil and the Teething gel! Definitely good to have on hand for teething babies! I'll definitely be getting more! Thanks guys!

- Erin McCrea


Little Bum Baby Products Sleepy Time Massage Oil

My son was teething and I used the teething gel on his gums and it worked instantly! He loves it and I love that it's chemical free! I recommend it to everyone!!!

- Miranda Young


Little Bum Baby Products Vapour Rub

Just wanted to say I have bronchitis right now and my coughs have been awful. The other day I slathered on some Little Bum Vapour Rub and had a hot bath and it was like magic! My coughing stopped! No tickle in my throat, nothing! I want to try the belly balm next and I'm super excited! Thanks Little Bum!

- Claire Rose


Little Bum Baby Products Sun Lotion

I used the sunscreen yesterday on the kids (of course I neglected my body). My oldest did not complain and the youngest did not become even slightly red. I'll take that as a win for the first real day of heat in Saskatoon.

- Tanya


Little Bum Baby Products Teething Gel

Bought the teething gel for my daughter and absolutely love it. Love the natural, all organic products and saw amazing results with my daughter! Highly recommend it!

- Bobby Jo


Little Bum Baby Products Vapour Rub

I used the soothing balm the other day after I got red bumps between my thighs from the heat. Used it over night and gone through next morning! It's not just for little Bums! I love it works fantastic

- Anonymous